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0330 223 1370

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Foxgloves, Eglwyswrw,

Crymych, Pembrokeshire

Wales, SA41 3UJ

Excellent Industry-Efficient
Back-Office Administration

Award-Winning & Profitable
Customer Relational Marketing

Pragmatic Organisation
& Scheduling of Workflows


  • Help increase your profits through efficient administrative ‘work-flow’, attention to detail and due customer care.

  • Help increase the longer-term profitability of your business by handling your Customer Relational Marketing.

Most clients want the personal touch.

Most entrepreneurs reach a point quickly where they just don’t have the time.

A friendly, capable and professional service is what your customers are expecting. If your business delivers this, word of mouth will quickly bring in new referrals - as much, if not more so, than other Marketing.

Ask yourself honestly right now, are you giving your clients the level of service they deserve?

It’s the difference between you ‘doing okay’
and you ‘excelling’

Let us save you valuable time by getting things right:

  • Organise your schedule for maximum efficiency.

  • Create a strong bond for your business with your customers. One where you’ll be inundated by new clients, clamouring to do business with you.

Trying to cram in as many
appointments as possible?

Weighed down by the sheer amount of
relational ‘work’ you’ve got to do?

Get these three things right
to be successful and build your business into the profit-producing vehicle you always imagined it to be:

1) Current, efficient & profitable workflow    systems so you can concentrate on winning new clients, whilst keeping your existing customers feeling cared for and important.

2) Excellent relational in-bound marketing
that keeps your customers ‘in the loop’ and
knowing you have their best interests at heart.

3) An efficient, responsive & flexible customer service culture that over-delivers service, support, knowledge and expertise.

Great, but you’re probably not able to deliver all that on your own, without working 100 hours a week!

Perhaps what office staff you have in place can’t function at the higher levels required for you to stand out from the ‘also-rans’?


Client Service Excellence can handle your client contact and back office administration to a professional standard, which will not only meet but exceed client expectations.

I ran the operational side of one of the most successful UK branches of US Financial Advisers Edward Jones Ltd for four years, winning awards for Client Service Excellence.

For the last six years I have worked remotely for established firms in Financial Services, and overworked business entrepreneurs……… delivering life-changing service.


   Hello, I’m Clare Howell, founder of Client Service Excellence

A highly-experienced Business Consultant, Mentor
and Customer Relations Manager.

I work remotely with my team of Associates
to assist business entrepreneurs looking for
a significant increase in profits and efficiency.

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